Years 7-11 Coherence Work Group 21-22

This project focuses on participant teachers working together to analyse, deconstruct and trace through the curriculum a selected key topic area, developing insight into effective teaching approaches, and considering the implications for longer term curriculum design.

The project was previously known as Challenging Topics at GCSE, but its name has been amended to more accurately reflect the work undertaken as well as to convey the importance of curriculum coherence.


Participants should be secondary school teachers of GCSE Maths. Individuals or ideally pairs of teachers from a department participate, with an expectation that they will work with other members of their department at appropriate points.

Schools that have participated in previous years may do so again, as developments often take place over time.


Local Work Group design will follow a workshop – school-based work cycle, consisting of several workshops followed in each case by specific school-based work. Workshops will provide opportunities for teachers to identify and analyse a key topic area, to work collaboratively to develop pedagogical approaches to it, and to evaluate and discuss after teaching.

There will be three days (or the equivalent) of Work Group meetings across the academic year.


  • Participants and their departments will:
    • develop a deeper insight into the maths that underpins learning in a challenging topic, through unpicking and analysing the topic
    • develop a deeper insight into the key issues and misconceptions behind the topic
    • identify misconceptions and plan a series of lessons to support students in the topic area
    • use and evaluate appropriate pedagogies to teach the topic area
    • work with their departments to unpick and analyse topics to inform collaborative planning and development of schemes of work.


Portland Spencer Conference Centre, Birchover Road, Bilborough, Nottingham, NG8 4BW (2:00-4:30pm)

Day 1 – 31/01/2022

Day 2 – 01/03/2021 (Online 3:30-5pm)

Day 3 – 23/03/2022 tbc

Day 4 – 26/04/2022 (Online 3:30-5pm)

Day 5 – 26/05/2022 (Online 3:30-5pm)

Day 6 – 21/06/2022


The Work Group is offered free to all state-funded secondary schools in England.


For a place on the 2021/22 Work Group please book here


The ongoing impact of the coronavirus outbreak and knock on effects on schools life remain uncertain. So, all Maths Hubs work will adapt to changing realities. There’s likely to be more live online collaboration, for example. In addition Work Groups content will address both schools recovery from coronavirus related disruption and the central maths subject matter of each project.