New to Teaching Core Maths Work Group 2021-22

Principal focus for 2021/22: Core Maths pedagogy

The purpose of this programme is to support teachers who are new to teaching Core Maths in developing specialist knowledge for teaching Core Maths and to increase their confidence in teaching the course.

The programme has a primary focus on Core Maths subject knowledge and pedagogy and will be based on these six key themes which are common to all the Core Maths specifications:

  • Using contextualised problem-solving
  • Applying Fermi estimation and modelling
  • Developing critical analysis
  • Making sense of finance
  • Using the pre-release materials
  • Exploring statistics.

Technology and online teaching will be underlying themes throughout the programme.

This project involves a direct working partnership between the Maths Hubs Network and the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP).


This programme is for teachers who are new to teaching Core Maths for the first time and are teaching a Core Maths class during the Autumn and Spring terms of 2021 and 2022.


There will be three days (or equivalent) of direct meeting time. However, this may be adapted to suit the needs of the group, and could be three full day face-to-face sessions, six part-day/twilight sessions, or a blended mix of face-to-face and online meetings. Workshops will take place during the Autumn (2021) and Spring (2022) terms.


Participants will:

  • apply related pedagogical approaches in their Core Maths teaching
  • plan sequences of lessons to promote student understanding, confidence, and progress
  • effectively teach some mathematical concepts and processes through contextualised problem-solving
  • understand the philosophy of Core Maths, with its approach to maths through contextualised problem-solving
  • develop their subject knowledge in these six areas: Contextualised problem solving; Fermi estimation and modelling; Critical analysis; Finance; Pre-release materials; Statistics
  • develop their understanding of how online learning and technology can be used to support Core Maths teaching.

DATES AND LOCATION (The below are proposed dates and subject to change)

Day 1- 13/12/2021 (4.30-6.30pm) Online Twilight

Day 2- 17/01/2021 (4.30-6.30pm) Online Twilight

Day 3- 07/02/2022 (4.30-6.30pm) Online Twilight

Day 4- 14/03/2022 (4.30-6.30pm) Online Twilight

Day 5- 25/04/2022 (4.30-6.30pm) Online Twilight


The Work Group is offered free to all state-funded secondary schools in England.


For a place on the 2021/22 Work Group please book here


The ongoing impact of the coronavirus outbreak and knock on effects on schools life remain uncertain. So, all Maths Hubs work will adapt to changing realities. There’s likely to be more live online collaboration, for example. In addition Work Groups content will address both schools recovery from coronavirus related disruption and the central maths subject matter of each project.