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In the final Secondary Round-up of 2020/21 we signpost support for next year, as well as things you might have missed this year.

  • Checkpoints Year 7 diagnostic activities – the first two PowerPoints are ready to download and you can sign up for an introductory seminar
  • Maths Hubs’ CPD for 2021/22 – you can view the whole programme for all phases
  • New podcast episode – two teachers discuss whether periods of remote learning will cause a digital revolution in teaching maths
  • What you may have missed and what’s coming up – our feature summarises everything that might still be useful
  • Where maths meets the world of work – videos/activities if you’ve still got a few lessons before the end of term

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In July’s Primary Round-up we point you to things that might help you prepare for a year when—fingers crossed—Covid-related pressure eases.

  • Curriculum prioritisation materials – expanded for 2021/22
  • Mastering Number briefing video – all you need to know about the Mastering Number programme in 15 minutes
  • Maths Hubs opportunities for 2021/22 – which project will you join next year?
  • What you may have missed and what’s coming up… a summary of all the things we’ve done this year that might still be useful or interesting.

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June’s Secondary Round-up has a focus on KS3, particularly introducing exciting new resources for Year 7:

  • Checkpoints – a new classroom resource to help Year 7 teachers assess understanding and address any gaps, particularly after Covid disruption
  • Collaborative working with primary colleagues – next year Maths Hubs will be increasing the number of Years 5-8 Continuity Work Groups so more schools can get involved
  • KS3 Curriculum Framework – our sample framework suggests a coherent route through our mastery materials
  • Pie charts – unpicking the pedagogy and encouraging your students to see the structure
  • Twitter chat hosted by Ofsted – read the summary.

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We speak to three Maths Hubs about how they moved their CPD offer online, what they learned, and what’s next

Whilst pupils are back in schools and online learning is hopefully a thing of the past, online CPD looks here to stay. At first, in the early days of the pandemic, it was considered a poor relation of face-to-face activity. But experience has shown that, in some respects, it’s a more fruitful and practical way for teachers to work together. The aim now is to find a blend of online and face-to-face activity that combines the best of both worlds. We spoke to teachers and leaders in three Maths Hubs about their own experiences, and how they have adapted the hub’s CPD offer to take advantage of the opportunities generated by going online.

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In our June newsletter we’ve got news of forthcoming support for shaping primary and secondary maths teaching. You can find out about Mastering Number trials, Maths Hubs opportunities for 2021/22, and more.

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June’s Primary Round-up brings news of a big new programme of professional development for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 teachers, designed to give children the best mathematical start.

  • Mastering Number – a new programme for 4-7 year olds
  • Subitising – a key element of the Mastering Number programme
  • Representations – see how they’re used in our video lessons
  • Mastery – what it is and what it is not.

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