GCSE to A-Level Transition Work Group

It is well known that the jump from GCSE Maths to A-Level maths is particularly hard and ensuring a successful transition is tricky.

This workgroup will work collaboratively to explore the difficulties in more detail through action research, both in your own context and more broadly. We shall consider the key components of useful transition activities and work together to produce, implement and evaluate tasks that together would form a coherent transition process.

Through the lens of key topics for A-Level Maths we shall explore how to communicate the big picture to both staff and students to ensure connections are made to both prior knowledge and future learning. This would become the basis of effective CPD for staff so that students are given an effective journey from KS4 to KS5.

This workgroup would ideal for teachers with experience of both Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 but is also suitable for other interested teachers.

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